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  2016 Campaign News and Info 



2016 Campaign Period

Oct 10 - Dec 15, 2016




2016 CFC Campaign preparations are underway

       The Role of the Key Worker and Payroll Coordinator

About Online Pledging 



Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Year after year, the federal workers and military personnel in the Badgerland CFC area have answered the call in support of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).   Thank you for your continued support!

The CFC supports many nonprofit agencies throughout our community, our country and the world.  These charities count on our support to fund the programs that offer much needed services. 

This year's campaign theme is "Show Some Love"  As you are given the opportunity to make a pledge, please look through this year's approved campaign charity listing to find a charity whose work is meaningful to you.   These programs are essential in offering much-needed services throughout our communities. 

We are counting on your continued support as we begin the 2016 CFC Campaign.  If you already participate in the CFC, THANK YOU again for your contribution.  If you are new to federal employment, there will be opportunities at your workplace to learn more about the CFC.  Please consider making a gift.  Even the smallest contribution adds up to make a big difference!


2016 Campaign
Badgerland CFC Local Federal
Coordinating Committee (LFCC)


Badger Land CFC's Campaign Totals
So far we’ve received donations of $175,014 or 58% of our goal of $300,000. Thank you for your generous contribution!
$175,014 or 58%
CFC Goal